2023 Precious Metals Summit Beaver Creek

September 12–15, 2023 | Beaver Creek Resort

The Precious Metals Summit Beaver Creek is the world’s premier independent investment conference focused on explorers, developers and emerging producers of gold, silver and platinum group metals.

The 13th Annual Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit was another record-setting year all-around, with respect to investors, issuer-participation and meetings.  Notable results are as follows:

  • Buy-side delegates again topped 400, with a further 200+ corporate development representatives in attendance;
  • Corporate participation increased over 5% from 2022 and included a record-217 carefully selected explorers, developers and emerging producers;
  • 8000+ 1on1 meetings took place, a new Beaver Creek record;
  • The average number of meetings per mining company held steady at 30+;
  • Total attendance eclipsed 1,400, a y/y increase in the high single-digits;

CLICK HERE to view webcast presentations of over 160+ Issuers & featured Keynote Presentations !

We were pleased to host three featured presentations including:

  • Frank Giustra & Rob McEwen in Conversation with Anthony Vaccaro (video link)
  • Precious Commodities Macro Trends: Ronald Peter Stoeferle & Brent Johnson (video link)
  • The Rise of the Royalty Companies 2023: Doug Silver, Eaun Gray, John Griffith, Haytham Hodaly, Jason Hynes (video link)
  • Trevor Hall in conversation with Tony Greer & Craig Parry (video link)
  • Positioning Your Portfolio for the Global Energy Transition ; David Talbot, John Feneck, and Michael Konnert (video link)
  • Planet MicroCap Podcast LIVE: ‘Tools for the Modern Mining Investor’ ; Steve de Jong, Emily King and Tavi Costa (video link)
  • ‘The Opportunities of Sustainability Regulation’ ; Laurie Clark, Larry Boyce, Edie Hofmeister (video link)

In addition, we’d like to express our gratitude to the 2023 Beaver Creek Summit Sponsors listed on this page, many of whom have been supporters of the Summit from inception.

Please direct any queries concerning corporate participation to Misha Levental, misha@precioussummit.com.