2018 Precious & Battery Metals Summit Zurich

November 5–6, 2018 | Park Hyatt Zurich

The seventh annual Precious Metals Summit Switzerland welcomed approximately 250 attendees, including:

  • Nearly 150 qualified buy-side attendees,
  • Executives from 59 mining companies, and
  • Over 7,000 individuals via webcast through 11/15/18.

More than 560 scheduled 1-on-1 meetings took place during the two-day conference.

This year, the Summit featured a new group of companies focused on Battery Metals in response to the global green energy movement fueling increased demand, and investor interest in, battery metals such as cobalt, nickel, copper, and lithium.

Please click here to access the webcast corporate presentations from the 2018 Precious & Battery Metals Summit Zurich, as well as featured talks including the following presenters:

  • Florian Grummes
  • Jonathan Guy
  • Gianni Kovacevic
  • Rob McEwen
  • Anthony Milewski
  • Ronald-Peter Stöferle