2022 Precious Metals Summit Beaver Creek

September 13–16, 2022 | Beaver Creek Resort

The 12th Annual Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit – the first fully in-person Summit since 2019 – returned to Beaver Creek with tremendous in-person turnout and record numbers across the board. Notable results are as follows:

  • Buy-side delegates exceeded 400, with an additional 147 corporate development representatives in attendance;
  • Corporate participation increased 9% from 2019 and included 200 carefully selected explorers, developers and emerging producers;
  • Over 7000 1-on-1 meetings took place, an Beaver Creek record;
  • The average number of meetings per mining company held steady at 30;
  • Total attendance was ~1,300, approximately 6% more than 2019;

CLICK HERE to view webcast presentations of over 160+ Issuers & featured Keynote Presentations !

We were pleased to host three featured presentations including:

  • Fireside Chat with John Hathaway and Ronald-Peter Stöferle (video link)
  • Keynote Panel: Lila Murphy in Discussion with Ralph Aldis & Robert Cohen (video link)
  • Discussion: ‘How Committed are Mining Capital Providers to Improving Sustainability?’ featuring Kirsten Wolf, Patrick Drouin, David Awram and Jamie Strauss (video link)
  • Planet MicroCap Podcast LIVE: ‘Pro Tips on Investing in Junior Miners’ featuring Dr. Nicole Adshead-Bell, Octavio Costa and Jamie Holman (video link)
  • ‘Carbon Credits: A Responsible & Scalable Future’ featuring Jamie Keech, Alex Pernin, Michael Konnert and Oliver Turner (video link)

In addition, we’d like to express our gratitude to the 2022 Beaver Creek Summit Sponsors listed on this page, many of whom have been supporters of the Summit from inception.