2022 Precious Metals Summit Beaver Creek

September 13–16, 2022 | Beaver Creek Resort

The Precious Metals Summit Beaver Creek is the world’s premier independent investment conference focused on explorers, developers and emerging producers of gold, silver and platinum group metals.   

This by-invitation-only event will bring together institutional investors, sell-side representatives and corporate executives from senior precious metals companies with management teams of close to 200 carefully selected, highly prospective issuers representing the world’s mining and mineral exploration sectors.

Qualified Investors: if you have received your email invitation, please login by visiting the “Register/Login” tab above.  Qualified investors who have not received an invitation email are invited to submit an application to register using the below link.

2022 Application for Qualified Investors: Apply for Registration Here!

Corporate Issuers: please note, participation in our events is by-invitation only. We are no longer accepting new issuer applications for the 2022 Precious Metals Summit Beaver Creek. Check back in December to apply for the 2023 program.

Please direct any queries concerning corporate participation to Misha Levental, misha@precioussummit.com.