Our world-class Summit Speakers have included:

Neil Adshead
Portfolio Manager
Sprott Inc.
Colorado 2019
David Baker
Managing Partner
Baker Steel
Zurich 2013
Ross Beaty
Pan American Silver, Alterra Power
Zurich 2015, Colorado 2016
Walter M. Cabot, Jr.
Portfolio Manager
Apogee Gold Fund
Colorado 2013
Philip Clegg
Investment Manager
Orion Resource Partners (UK) LLP
London 2018
Robert Cohen
VP and Portfolio Manager
1832 Asset Management
Colorado 2012, Zurich 2013
Brent Cook
Exploration Analyst
Exploration Insights
Colorado 2014
Alain Corbani
Head of Commodities, Portfolio Manager
Finance SA
Zurich 2016
Donald G.M. Coxe
Coxe Advisors LLC
Colorado 2017
Marc Faber
Editor and Publisher
The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report
Zurich 2016
Joseph Foster
Portfolio Manager
Van Eck Gold Funds
Colorado 2012, Colorado 2018
Robert Friedland
Executive Chairman
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.
Zurich 2013, Zurich 2014
Warren Gilman
Chairman and CEO
CEF Holdings
Hong Kong 2013, Hong Kong 2014
Ned Goodman
Director, President and CEO
Dundee Capital Markets
Hong Kong 2013
James Grant
Writer, Publisher and Editor
Grant’s Interest Rate Observer
Colorado 2012
Neil Gregson
Managing Director
J.P. Morgan
Colorado 2019
Douglas B. Groh
Portfolio Manager
Tocqueville Asset Management
London 2018
Florian Grummes
Midas Touch Consulting
Zurich 2018, Zurich 2019
Jonathan Guy
Director, Mining Research
Numis Securities
London 2018, Colorado 2019
David Harquail
President and CEO
Franco-Nevada Corporation
Colorado 2012, Colorado 2015
John Hathaway
Tocqueville Management Corporation
Colorado 2011, Colorado 2012, Hong Kong 2014, Colorado 2016, London 2016, Colorado 2019, Zurich 2019
George R. Ireland
Portfolio Manager and CIO
Geologic Resource Partners LLC
Colorado 2013
Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan
The Electrum Group
Colorado 2011, Colorado 2016
Gianni Kovacevic
Executive Chairman
Zurich 2018
Lukas H. Lundin
Lundin Group of Companies
Zurich 2015
Joe Mazumdar
Co-Editor and Analyst
Exploration Insights
Zurich 2016, London 2016, Colorado 2018
Rob McEwen
McEwen Mining Inc.
Colorado 2015, Zurich 2018, Zurich 2019
Shayne McGuire
Head of Research and Portfolio Manager, GBI Gold Fund
Teacher Retirement System of Texas
Colorado 2011, Colorado 2012
Anthony Milewski
Chairman and CEO
Cobalt 27 Capital Corp.
Zurich 2018
Stephen Moore
Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Project for Economic Growth
The Heritage Foundation
Colorado 2020
Dr. Martin Murenbeeld
Chief Economist
Dundee Economics
Geneva 2012, Colorado 2012, Colorado 2016
Josh Parrill
Investment Team Leader
Resource Capital Funds
Colorado 2018
Robert A. Quartermain
Chairman and CEO
Pretivm Resources Inc.
Colorado 2016
Gideon Rachman
Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator
Financial Times
Geneva 2012
David Rosenberg
Chief Economist and Strategist
Gluskin Sheff + Associates, Inc.
Colorado 2019
Rick Rule
President and CEO
Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc.
Hong Kong 2014, Colorado 2014,
Zurich 2017
Peter Schiff
Euro Pacific Capital, Inc.
Colorado 2013
Doug Silver
Portfolio Manager
Orion Resource Partners
Colorado 2019
Ronald-Peter Stöferle
Managing Partner and Investment Manager
Incrementum AG
Zurich 2015, Colorado 2016, Zurich 2017, London 2017, Zurich 2018, Zurich 2019
Ian Telfer
Goldcorp Inc., World Gold Council
Hong Kong 2013
Steve Todoruk
Investment Executive
Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd.
Colorado 2018
Anthony Vaccaro
Group Publisher
The Northern Miner Group
Zurich 2019
Diana Walters
President and CEO
Liberty Metals & Mining, LLC
Colorado 2013
Joe Wickwire
Portfolio Manager
Fidelity Investments
Colorado 2013
George F. Will
Columnist, Journalist and Author
The Washington Post
Colorado 2011
Grant Williams
Author and Publisher
Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
Zurich 2019