2016 Precious Metals Summit Beaver Creek

September 14–16, 2016 | Beaver Creek Resort

As we approach the completion of our sixth year of operations, we’d like to share some impressive results with you from the 6th Annual Beaver Creek Summit:

  • Our 2016 Summit saw a 30% increase in buy-side attendance, with an investor-to-presenting company ratio of nearly 4:1;
  • We hosted 130 carefully selected explorers, developers and emerging producers with projects around the world;
  • Over 3,000 1-on-1 meetings took place during the Summit;
  • The average number of meetings per company in Beaver Creek this year was 24, up from the 2015 average of 19 per company;
  • Overall attendance jumped from 523 to 740, a 30% increase;
  • 4,462 individuals viewed the webcast during the week of the Summit.

We’d like to express our thanks to all of our 2016 Colorado Summit Sponsors, whose generous support and participation were integral to the success of this event.

Plan on joining us next year for the 7th Annual Precious Metals Summit, taking place Monday-Wednesday, September 18-20, 2017 for three full days. Our event pattern is shifting to the beginning of the week in 2017, out of respect for the Jewish High Holy Days that fall on Thursday-Friday.